"The Elaimy Group Transform Your Game/Business seminar is my primary business building strategy. It is unquestionably the most unique, fun, and I think most importantly – memorable event that I host. My clients and the participants talk about the impact the day had on their golf games and lives long after the seminar is complete. In my business of financial services and investment management, differentiation is the key to the game. What makes David’s approach so appealing is that I know I won’t see the same event by my competitor down the street, because he is the unique ingredient. I believe the participants recognize that this seminar is not your standard boondoggle/day of golf. It is a way to transform their golf games and if applied, transform their businesses as well. I have applied the unique distinctions and insights gained from the seminars directly to my business plan and have seen direct success because of it. I recommend it to those individuals who are serious about making a dramatic and immediate impact on their clients and prospects".

D. John Melchor
Regional Vice President, Hawaii
Manulife Wood Logan

"David Elaimy is the greatest golf instructor there is. No one can transform your life, your business, your golf game, like he can. He’s Batman".

Anonymous Transformed Seminar Participant