Can non-golfers or inexperienced golfers benefit from this seminar? Absolutely.

A primary focus of the event is to identify insights and actions that will allow the participant to achieve maximum benefit from the energy they put into the game. During the program, we use the game of golf as a metaphor for life and apply its lessons to relationships and performance in business.

When a non-golfer is with us, we have them connect to their primary hobby or passion and apply the principles and distinctions from the event to it. We've had tennis players, calf ropers, salsa dancers, coaches from many sports—even shoppers—indicate that the lessons from the seminar have made a difference in their other recreational endeavors.

Non-golfers can take part on the golf course as much as they're comfortable with. And interestingly enough, we've found that coachable non-golfers benefit as much, if not more than, avid golfers.

Non-golfers and beginners have two options:

Full Participation
• Attend the morning portion of the seminar.
• Spend the day on the golf course, learning to be a great playing partner and receiving individual coaching from David. Participants may play all 18 holes, hit just a few shots, or just ride along with the group.
• Attend the afternoon portion of the seminar.

Partial Participation
• Attend the morning portion of the seminar.
• Participate in the activity of their choice, applying the principles learned during the morning program. This works best when alternative activities are available at the same resort.
• Re-join the group for the afternoon program.