David Elaimy mixes the pleasures of business and golf in his one-of-a-kind seminar for a wide range of companies all across the country—helping hosts and their guests build stronger relationships and golf games.

Elaimy Golf is based in Seattle, Washington but David will happily bring the show to you so you can host a seminar anywhere in the world—close to your business or clients, or at a resort during an off-site meeting. When in the Seattle area, we hold our events at McCormick Woods Golf Course in Port Orchard.

Your Seminar Management Tools
To help you get the greatest reward from hosting your seminar, Elaimy Golf offers a wealth of private Seminar Management Tools online. These tools will help you prepare your guest strategy, streamline and automate the entire invitation process, reserve your golf course and facility, and follow-up with your guests. For more details, check out our Seminar Preview.

Even your seminar participants will have access to their own private areas on our web site, to help them get the most from the seminar and stay connected to you—their host.

The Transform Your Game seminar can be tailored to suit your goals and conducted at the golf course of your choice. You simply make the initial reservation and we take over from there. Over the years, we've found that the following timetable works particularly well:

Transform Your Game seminar schedule
Meet at golf course (continental breakfast)
Business conversation, presented by hosts
Transform Your Game Seminar
Tee times for 18 holes of golf (box lunch)
Transform Your Game Seminar (appetizers)
Close the event

If you'd like to discuss your specific seminar interests and goals with David one-on-one, including pricing, feel free to request more information.