Golf can be a very rewarding part of your life. To get the most out of it, our aim is to provide coaching that allows you to achieve maximum benefits from the time, energy and resources you devote to the game. We'll work with you to:

01. Gain perspective.
You play your best when you are connected to your values. So we establish your perspective by asking the question: Why do you play golf? This first step is similar to the process of a business creating its mission statement.

02. Establish vision.
We want you to live your golf dream. But how can you live your golf dream until it's been dreamt? We encourage you to create the vision for the future of your game and set your goals high. To help you reach your greatest potential, we'll use the Principle of 54—used by some of the best players in the world.

03. Identify challenges.
Once you've established your vision, we'll analyze your golf game to identify the mental and physical skills you'll need to develop.

04. Reach breakthroughs.
Golf improvement doesn't come in a linear way, with improvement directly correlated to the amount of time spent practicing. Rather, it comes in the form of breakthroughs—the aha experience! Given the way most folks practice, there's little chance to experience a breakthrough at all. Or if a breakthrough occurs, it can be hard to sustain the improvement. But working with David, you'll have a clear focus on the one or two things you are practicing and you'll learn them in such a way that they become positive habits.

05. Make a game plan.
Millions of golfers spend considerable time, energy and money working to improve their playing ability with limited success. Most of these players have no plan. We will come up with a game plan that will make it easier for you to improve. Because you'll arrive at your destination much more quickly and with less frustration if you map your route.