Immersion into the game of golf for a period of 2-5 days can be incredibly fun and lead to tremendous breakthroughs. Students will leave the school not only with improved physical and mental skills, but with a plan of action that will allow for focused practice and continued improvement long afterwards.

Elaimy Golf does not currently have a fixed location or for a golf school or preset sessions. However, if you have a group of six to twelve people, we can create a custom event for you. We've created several types of unique schools for others:

Couples School
Develop golf skills while learning to better communicate with each other. Leads to faster improvement and more fun, on and off the course.

Parent/Junior School
Similar to the Couples School in that we focus on technical and mental skill development, as well as good golf communication. Participants will be able to apply the principles learned in the school to other areas of life.

Skills and Competition
Develop your golf game and your ability to thrive under the pressure of competition.

Key aspects of the game that can be covered include:

* Full golf swing development with video analysis
* Comprehensive short game development
* Course management and strategy
* Pre-shot routine development
* Improving confidence and other mental skills necessary for optimal play
* Reducing negative effects of frustration and stress
* Learning to derive more enjoyment from the game
* Learning to apply the lessons golf teaches us to other areas of your life (metaphor)
* Developing the ability to thrive under pressure
* Deepening connection and camaraderie with playing partners
* Enhancing your ability to analyze your game and make timely adjustments

If you would like to explore the possibility of creating a unique Golf School experience, please contact us at