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David..we met last Friday at Strawberry Farms...really enjoyed our fact used your techniques the following day with sucess...I had the iron play problems, but in 6 out of 7 shots they were on target..we'll meet again some time. thanks

John Teele
I totally enjoyed the seminar and a lot of things made sense. The next round of golf I played was unbelievable. For the first time in my golf career I enjoyed 2 eagles in one round...Thank you so much for your encouragement and making the game so much fun! Let me know when you'll be in Hawaii again!! Aloha, Garret Hayashi

Garret Hayashi
David, Here's a twist I never knew I would garner from a golf seminar. Because I basically understood the "Hardware and Software" approach to golf, it became easier for me to apply to life. Recently, a good friend of mine who's a Navy Seal was critically wounded with a gun shot to the chest. The bullet blew out half of one his lungs, severed critical arteries and nerves to his right arm and exited his shoulder blade with a whole the size of two silver dollars. He needed 50 pints of blood during surgery and we nearly lost him 3 times during the 12 hour operation. After an intense 10 days in ICU, a powerful prayer vigil within his Navy brotherhood he was "out of the woods". That's the short of it. Here's where you come in. When he came home after being in the hospital for over a month, I had just finished my first seminar with you. I busted out my book of notes and started sharing with him the "Hardware and Software" principals. He's a sharp and gutsy human being and sincerely appreciated the message. It put the whole ordeal into a different perspective. And, although he's naturally an upbeat positive person, this simple approach of separating what was catagorized as hardware (the accident, damage etc.) vs. software (how he approached or assessed the accident, damage, recovery, rehab etc.)made it far more definative in handling the many months ahead of rehab. His recovery is nothing short of god given and amazing. He's a far cry from where he'd like to be, but every piece of the recovery process is critical and your wisdom was a welcome addition. Thanks for coming to Hawaii and sharing your talent. Much aloha, Chris McMahon

Chris McMahon