Transform Your Game: For Business

Transform Your Game: For Business

Location: McCormick Woods Golf Course
Date: July 15
Participants: 12
Tuition: $290 per player or $1040 per foursome

Typically, David is hired by companies around the country to conduct this seminar. The event primarily addresses individual and team performance enhancement, using golf as a medium for the learning. Our hosts frequently utilize our events to achieve their relationship building objectives with the valued guests they invite to participate.

With this event, David is offering it to smaller business groups and individuals interested in improving their performance on the golf course and in their business. It is highly suggested that you share this event with important business partners, customers, clients or prospects.

There is an increased level of stress with the economic challenges that exist in across many professions. With this in mind the event will address optimum ways to successfully manage the stress and to avoid "burn out."

Benefits include:

• Thinking and strategic techniques to improve your golf game
• Frustration and stress reduction
• Maximizing enjoyment, regardless of the external conditions
• Developing and following a game plan
• Breakthroughs in relatedness with your playing partners, particularly if they are integral to your success.

To register for this event, please contact us via email at or by phone at 206-715-1193.