Junior and Parent Golf School

Junior and Parent Golf School

Location: McCormick Woods Golf Course
Date Range: Sunday, June 28
Participants: 12
Tuition: $370 (for adult and child)
Includes: 18 holes of golf, breakfast, lunch, coaching, and materials

There is no relationship more important than the one shared by a parent and child. Success in life (and on the golf course) is closely tied to this relationship. This school uses golf as a tool for the deepening and strengthening connectedness shared by a parent and a child. That connection is then applied to producing truly enjoyable memories and greatly accelerated game improvement.

One of the beauties of golf is that the golf ball does not know the age of the player hitting it. The game is a tremendous equalizer in that the kid usually is able to outplay or at least match the playing ability of the parent. This presents a great opportunity to share in a game where both parties are developing, facing adversity, and contributing to one another’s success. This school will help you to maximize that opportunity.

This sort of connected activity is often difficult to find. Relieve yourself of the “role of parent” or role of “child” and share in being students and teammates. We will show you our co-teaching system, practiced with ideal communication on the practice range and on the golf course. You will be able leverage what you learn towards having the best possible relationship going forward in your lives.

The Junior Golfer may want to combine this school with the “juniors only” event the day before to create powerful couple of days of golf enjoyment and improvement.